What started as a cross platform packaging software, evolved as a computer/group of computers' configuration management and tools deployment through scripting.

Java, Nuget, IzPack

Artificial Intelligence

AI project to simulate human memory. We can tell an information that will be parsed through NLP and saved on a knowledge graph. Or we can query that knowledge back through questions.

Javascript, NodeJS

Social Network

Social Network project as a Role Play chat application where each user takes a role he has in real life or wants/dreams to be (doctor, wizard, actor..) then uses it in the metaverse.

Javascript, NodeJS

Open World

An RPG game where you play a character and evolve him through an interactive open world with activities like attending magic courses, socializing with neighbors, traveling...

Ruby, RPG Maker VX


Plan your project or idea through a graphical interface by creating steps, tables, text and connecting them. Test if a path is possible through your steps via DFS. Print or export your final result.