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Shy by Said Elimam

Beautiful intimate and expressive piece ! The violin solo followed by brass at around 1.30 was such a nice surprise ! Great production too! Especially the string section sounds very realistic!

Very beautiful melody, and the piano is very delicate. There's something cinematic about this song. It looks like a composition for film.

Nice cinematic emotional piece. This gives me some Einaudi vibes mixed with Hans Zimmerman. Got lot of potential and mix sounds great.

The piece creates a nice atmosphere and there is an excellent melodic vein. Very well structured and recorded . Bravo.

The beauty of the intro melody almost immediately strikes you, I like how progressively it gets bolder and more assertive.

Love the crescendo! Fabulous composition beautifully constructed and realised.

like the cover idea and the title, good warm sound, strong hookline

Well made cinematic song, could see this one in some kind of soundtrack

Genre: Cinematic, Film Score
Released: 2023

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Dream by Said Elimam

There's no denying that this track has ambition, the kind that is made for a cinematic experience because it feels orchestrated in that manner. In other words it moves from heavy percussive moments to passages where the dawn is approaching on a brand new day and all the hope that brings with it. It certainly lifted me clear of our usual fare

The first thing I noticed was the very cool cover. As for the track, definitely a great job. Very well developed instrumental parts, a well-mixed and dynamic track. I can very easily imagine this work in a Hollywood adventure movie 🙂

Dreamy cinematic arrangement with new age elements, coolly built sound. Mixed at a decent level, it turned out cool.

Great sound selection here.The violin section was very emotional!.

There were some nice brasses there. Especially loved the solo string. Kudos.

Music that I see well in films that talk about the past


Genre: Epic, Cinematic, Film Score
Released: 2023

2 / 6


Genre: Epic, Cinematic, Score
Mood: Uplifting
BPM: 77; Key: Bm
Duration: 2:32

Release date: Jan 2023


Genre: Cinematic, Score
Mood: Sad, Emotional
BPM: 72; Key: Am
Duration: 3:15
Release date: Feb 2023









Feedback from other Artists

Quazar by Said Elimam

Beautiful composition here with nice use of synth strings that support the piano well. A real string section would sound amazing, but there are obviously limitations to pulling that off--the synths get the job done nicely too though. Very inspired track here.

Beautiful sounding piano parts, exceptionally pleasant and catchy sound. An elegant combination of many styles, a cool author's track. Excellent!

Nice melody. I wish the strings were a bit more natural.

Good piano work with an emotional delivery.

Genre: Chamber Pop, Solo Piano
Released: 2022