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Dream by Said Elimam

There's no denying that this track has ambition, the kind that is made for a cinematic experience because it feels orchestrated in that manner. In other words it moves from heavy percussive moments to passages where the dawn is approaching on a brand new day and all the hope that brings with it. It certainly lifted me clear of our usual fare

The first thing I noticed was the very cool cover. As for the track, definitely a great job. Very well developed instrumental parts, a well-mixed and dynamic track. I can very easily imagine this work in a Hollywood adventure movie 🙂

Dreamy cinematic arrangement with new age elements, coolly built sound. Mixed at a decent level, it turned out cool.

Great sound selection here.The violin section was very emotional!.

There were some nice brasses there. Especially loved the solo string. Kudos.


Genre: Cinematic, Chamber Pop, Film Score, Soundtrack
Mood: Sad, Epic, Inspiring
Released: 2023

Feedback from other Artists

Quazar by Said Elimam

Beautiful composition here with nice use of synth strings that support the piano well. A real string section would sound amazing, but there are obviously limitations to pulling that off--the synths get the job done nicely too though. Very inspired track here.

Beautiful sounding piano parts, exceptionally pleasant and catchy sound. An elegant combination of many styles, a cool author's track. Excellent!

Nice melody. I wish the strings were a bit more natural.


Genre: Solo Piano, Soundtrack
Mood: Uplifting
Released: 2022

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